Projects and services list

Geodata view and manage from web environments

Integration of public or corporate geographic information in Web viewers of fluid navigation and adaptive behavior as resolutions and type of devices.

Mapping 2D/3D and official cartography

Preparation and updating large scale of official cartography for public administrations and professional maps for industrial companies and road, rail and logistics operators.

Solar map 3D (Fotovoltaic)

The design and parameterization of GIS phtovoltaic platforms allows a specific proposal for each house. The algorithms used for calculation intensive been implemented in more than 50 cities, including Barcelona.

Economics, politics and social observer

Economic observer for dynamic mapping of municipal variables to get comparative and predictive informations with local and regional purposes.

Conversion / Migration ED50 to ETRS89

Projects of transformation and migration of all organizational data (maps, pictures, reviews, inventory, geodetic networks, ...) from the reference system ED50 to ETRS89, which is official from the year 2015.

Hosting and data center

Maintenance and management of geographic data (vector, raster,...) in centralized spatial databases in order to facilitate and improve the efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the data. Infraplan provides the necessary tools according to each case for the correct data processing.

Inspection and expert witness of historical and current stage

Reporting and auditing in the field of public and private domain risk areas, boundaries, use, ownership, execution and conservation states, using professional drones and high accuracy images.

Thermographic inspection by drones

​Inspection of facilities and power lines to detect energy leaks and risks, with the help of professional drones and capture of thermal images.

3D city models

Capture and parameterization of 3D city models for analysis of telecommunications networks, solar photovoltaic potential of roofs, evolution of shadows, regulatory heights, facades and skylines.

Inventories, street, assets and licenses

Dump and editing applications, in georeferenced inventories movility of road elements (paving, signage, furniture, trees and lighting), commercial activities, fords, toponymy / gazetteer and traffic systems.

Geodetic network

Implementation and densification of geodesic networks to materialize the reference system and official or local coordinates on the territory.

Consulting and training

Strategic plans, specifications and quality controlS. The objectivity of the approach and content generated throughout our history, we transfer to the clients through consulting and training. It is our desire to support the rigorous processes, the cost efficiency, improvement of the competitiveness and quality of products and services in geospatial information of our customers.

Local Streeview

Generation of corporate Streetview through mobile mapping technology, integrated into the working environment of the users and with the necessary metadata used in inspection processes.

Publishing Web services

Publishing Web Services OGC (WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS, ...) and specific (REST, SOAP, ...) to facilitate the distribution and publication of an organization geodata in all types of devices. The data can stay at the hostings of Infraplan or can stay on servers of its own organization.

Data Integration and interoperability

Standards-based platform to ensure accessibility and interoperability, with a clear focus on the coordination of organizations with a variety of data formats.

Custom developments

Development projects according to the specific needs of clients (Windows, Linux, Android, iOs, ...) in geospatial areas or standard platforms, as Bentley Microstation, ArcGis, Autocad, ...

Cadastral surveying

Civil engineering projects


The orthoimage is a digital graph document formed by several rectified aerial pictures. It allows to provide of metric continues and georeferenced images of the territory.

BIM, CAD/GIS of structures

Survey and indoor and outdoor modelling of plants and industrial buildings, road and railway structures, with indexing components, linkage database and Vector finished or infographics.