Projects and services

Here is a sample of the projects we do. From the specifications writing production to the official cartography, the inspection drone infrastructure, the auditing geospatial data models or the necessary training, academics or in company, in order to our costumers to maximize the chances of geoinformation.

  Geodata view and manage from web environments

  Mapping 2D/3D and official cartography

  Solar map 3D (Fotovoltaic)

  Economics, politics and social observer

  Conversion / Migration ED50 to ETRS89

  Hosting and data center

  Inspection and expert witness of historical and current stage

  Thermographic inspection by drones

  3D city models

  Inventories, street, assets and licenses

  Geodetic network

  Consulting and training

  Local Streeview

  Publishing Web services

  Data Integration and interoperability

  Custom developments

  Cadastral surveying

  Civil engineering projects


  BIM, CAD/GIS of structures