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Projects and services

Here is a sample of the projects we do. From the specifications writing production to the official cartography, the inspection drone infrastructure, the auditing geospatial data models or the necessary training, academics or in company, in order to our costumers to maximize the chances of geoinformation.

  Geodata view and manage from web environments

  Mapping 2D/3D and official cartography

  Solar map 3D (Fotovoltaic)

  Economics, politics and social observer

  3D city models

  Consulting and training

  Data Integration and interoperability

  BIM, CAD/GIS of structures

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Infraplan provide data solutions for Governments, Industries and Infrastructures.

All our activities are focused to maximize the profit of spatial and textual data in order to create sustainable data models with capabilities of accessibility and interoperability valuable for our customers.


Continuous improvement to ensure all current and future geospatial needs


Consulting, training, monitoring, documentation, customization required on all products or developments


Conceptualization, planning and performance in all product implementations depending on each case


Developments tailored to individual cases or specific customer needs.

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Data Hosting and applications. Mapiaserver It is a server created to accommodate geographic data and manage downloads, like publications; of raster data or vector by the usual services (WMS, WFS, ...). Mapiaserver has applications to create your own viewers,query, users, ...


Designed to provide every job in all existing geospatial information (Internet, intranet and local) according to the user needs. Its API allows the integration in Bentley technologies, ESRI, Autodesk, Intergraph, Smallworld, Quantum, gvSIG and WEB format.


Designed to optimize the generation, maintenance and cartography publication process of both corporate and official, 2D and 3D. The system resulting work is simple, standardized and shared by all organizations (users, roles, profiles, tools, resource files, workflow, ...). Available for all the platform Bentley.


Developed to edit and maintain spatial databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostGIS, Access, ...) from an environment Microstation. The application solves the multiple archives and repositories in common geospatial information, allowing different users to view and update all information from a single database according profile configured to access and privileges.

Infraplan works, contributes and sponsors the innovation project I + D atNight and the code free project gisCube. Use the links enabled to consult all available information.



Infraplan always uses the most suitable sensor in each case. Some of the most commonly used sensors are presented.


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Drone (fixed wing)=plane

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Drone (helix)=copter

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Mobile mapping

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GPS Positioning

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Measuring devices

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Mobile devices

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We are engineers, we are developers, we are advisers. We have a consolidated structure leaded by IT and engineers is configured as a cross-organization where technology is crucial to ensure the success and rigor of projects. Every year we spend 10% of our time to the continuous improvement of processes to respond with innovation and excellence in the final compromise with our clients.​


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    For over 15 years we provide geospatial information solutions to the main public and private agents, that operate and transform the territory    

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